EEXI Compliance Service

Energy Efficiency and Maritime Decarbonisation

The amendments to MARPOL Annex VI by Resolution MEPC.328(76) will enter
into force on 1 November 2022. This requires ships subject to regulations on the
Carbon Intensity of International Shipping not already constructed in accordance
with EEDI Phase 2 or 3 requirements in the past to be EEXI compliant. EEXI
verification comes into effect from 1 January 2023, which means that ship
owners/operators are required to have onboard an EEXI Technical File for
vessels satisfying the required EEXI.

The attained EEXI is ship-specific ie has to be calculated for each individual
vessel. The calculation will be included in each vessel’s EEXI technical file along
with all supporting technical data and information used in the calculation

For ships delivered before 1 January 2023, during the first annual, intermediate
or renewal survey of the International Air Pollution Certificate (IAPP Certificate),
whichever is the first, on or after 1 January 2023 the EEXI Technical file will be
reviewed and verified by the surveyor as part of the Initial survey for the
issuance of the International Energy Efficiency Certificate.

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